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Environmental Efforts

Here we introduce unique initiatives conducted by HRR’s assets

HOSHINOYA Karuizawa – Over a Century of Coexistence with Nature

HOSHINOYA Karuizawa – Over a Century of Coexistence with NatureHOSHINOYA Karuizawa – Over a Century of Coexistence with Nature

Completion of the HOSHINOYA Karuizawa Eco Resort

We are engaging in environmental management, aiming to be a resort operator that can both coexist with nature and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and business earnings.

Approach to Sustainability

Approach to SustainabilityApproach to Sustainability


The energy system that powers HOSHINOYA Karuizawa is called “EIMY (Energy in My Yard).” The self-sufficient energy system, which makes use of hydroelectric and geothermal energy, was built on the simple concept of a resort generating and supplying the energy it consumes to minimize its burden on the environment in keeping with a resort whose theme is based on the rich natural environment. The river flowing through the center of the facility fulfills the role of the dam for hydroelectric generation.


Eco-Tourism in Karuizawa

To uphold the aspirations of those who have loved the natural environment of Karuizawa before us and to protect the ecology for future generations, we launched picchio* in 1992. This company is now expanding its activities to include eco-tourism.

  • Picchio, which means “woodpecker” in Italian, is a Hoshino Resorts Group company that is dedicated to ensuring the survival of forests and the creatures that live there for the future.